Saturday, April 3, 2010

Asking a Question at Conference Time

Once again, I want to share a quote I shared with you last April at conference time. It comes from a talk Wendy Watson Nelson, wife of Elder Russell M. Nelson, gave at a BYU-Idaho devotional a few years ago:

"In preparation for April general Bishop taught me a truth I had never known before. Although I hadn't spoken to him about my...concerns, when my Bishop offered this truth over the pulpit, he was speaking to me. He didn't use my name but I knew he was talking directly to me. He even let others listen in. But clearly, he was speaking to me.

"Here's the truth my Bishop spoke: 'If you have a question that you need answered, if you will prayerfully and humbly listen to general conference, you will get it answered every time. Perhaps at the time, perhaps over time, but you WILL get your question answered every time!'"

I love this bishop's counsel. If you have a question that you want to take before the Lord, prayerfully and humbly listen to conference this weekend with your question in mind (I'm writing mine down so I can keep it in front of me all weekend), and I have full faith you will get a clear answer.

Of course, the Lord can answer our questions and our prayers anytime, but it seems to me that the spiritual outpouring we receive at conference time can help us see answers more clearly and readily. If you take advantage of this time to feel the Spirit and to be open to the direction the Lord has for you personally, I know you will be blessed—this very weekend, you will be blessed.

Have a wonderful conference weekend and Easter Sunday.

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