Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Last Days of Jesus

As we approach Easter this coming Sunday, I wanted to offer you something I have not offered before. In 1986 I began researching a book that I completed in 2009. Yes, it took me a long time to write it. It takes all the New Testament gospel accounts of the Savior's final week—from His entrance into Jerusalem to his Resurrection—and compares them word-for-word across landscape-oriented pages. It is 134 pages long.

This book is designed for studying the unique material that lies in the gospel accounts. It is not a book you would sit down and read, but it should help give you insight about all we know about the Savior's last days on earth.

Here is a sample of how the pages are laid out (the actual pages will be much clearer) :

You are welcome to download a copy of the book from this link: The Final Passover: A Word-Phrase Study of the Last Days of Jesus Christ. I will leave the link up for several days. [I have removed the link as of April 27, 2011. Thank you all for your interest in the book.]

Thank you all for your prayers. I certainly need them. I want to thank my wife for that last post. That was very sweet of her. She has been working herself tirelessly to care for me and I am so grateful to her.

I also need my Savior and I am thinking of Him a lot this Easter week. It is my testimony that He lives and that He alone can heal us, if we will not hide from Him or ignore Him.


  1. Mike, thank you for posting that. I down loaded it and am hoping to study it this weekend. Hopefully you are feeling better. You are in our hearts and prayers. I sincerely hope they are able to find out what is wrong and find a way to treat it. May you have a wonderful Easter.

  2. I tried to post after Cristy's post to tell you I would pray for you. You are a great inspiration to me.