Sunday, July 6, 2014

Heard Today in Testimony Meeting

The last person to share her testimony today works in behavioral health, with addicts, including prison inmates and parolees. One day she felt inspired to try something to help inmates remember what it was like to be a little boy again. She checked it out with the prison guards and they okayed her plan.

So she asked some inmates to round up the toughest dudes they could find in their block. They assembled some of the roughest, meanest looking inmates you can imagine (she described them) in a room. I think she said there was 16 of them, plus two prison guards.

She had them form a circle, then sit cross-legged on the floor. Then she said, "We're going to play Duck, Duck, Goose. Who wants to be the goose?"

Groans and protests. Finally, at the encouragement of the guards, someone volunteered. And the fun began.

In a short time, the room was roaring with laughter. Even the guards had a tough time keeping it together. Everyone laughed and had a great time and remembered what it was like to feel like a little kid again.

I think the world is full of good people. Even people who get themselves into a bunch of trouble have a lot of good (and fun) in them. Every once in a while, you find someone who seems unredeemable. But even they have little glow plugs inside.

It's because we all come from the same Father. 

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  1. There are no unredeemable people. Every person has the Light, buried and hidden though it may be. Help them find their Light, and things change.